You Either Love It Or..

Hate it. Black Liqourice (or licorice depending on your continent):


I really don’t like this stuff. I can just about bear it on ‘Liquorice Allsorts’, which are coated in so much sugary, fondanty stuff that you can’t really taste it, but on it’s own: yuk.

Red liquorice (which I guess, isn’t actually real liquorice) is a different matter altogether, I could eat that stuff ’til it comes out of my ears. Did you ever endure certain sweets (candy) as a child that you really didn’t like, but as they were the only things on offer you ate them anyway? I can think of:

  • Liquorice
  • Parma Violets ( I think that’s their name) Foul violet scented sweets
  • ‘UFO’s’ – Rice paper with sherbet in: Like cardboard only without the flavour
  • Winter mixtures or ‘cough candy’. Bleccccch.
  • Wagon Wheels -Take chocolate, take biscuit, what could go wrong?  Just insert a layer of inedible white foam between the two and you’re set.

Sometimes, sweets held no pleasure at all…. :-(

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9 thoughts on “You Either Love It Or..

  1. ack..I HATED those UFO things..yet ,yes we ate them????

    And remember the licorice with the sherbet stuff to dip in……hated it..but again..ate it.

    And I like black licorice….

  2. Chris and Crunchy you are sweet heretics! ;-)

    Licorice, UFOs and Sherbet Dib Dabs are fantastic. BTW Chris, Winter Warmers and Cough Candy are 2 different sweets! I agree about the former though.

  3. Didn’t Wagon Wheels have a layer of jam too?

    Totally agree about the UFOs. We always chose them when we bought our penny sweets but why? They were cardboard.

  4. You say jam Ems but I think the congealed blood of toads may be more accurate…

    Winter warms, cough candy bleech whatever…

    Sherbet fountains? :-( whatever they were called….