Views Of Aberdeenshire

Views of Aberdeenshire

50 reasons to come visit ;-) More photos, and bigger versions of the above here.

18 thoughts on “Views Of Aberdeenshire

  1. The single head of cattle picture is simply epic. Awesome. I’m diggin the castle too.

  2. Great Pics! Big fan of the black & white castle pic. Reminds of a tour I did when I was last in the U.K

  3. you need to change your theme

    the images are always MUCH bigger than the size of your middle column

    it breaks the theme and is a big turn off

  4. You may need to change your screen resolution ;-)

    I set the theme up to cater for resolutions of 1024 pixels wide or greater, ‘cos anyone using a lower resolution than this needs their eyes tested. Can’t be bothered having tiny pictures to cater for less than 10% of my visitors.