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I would post more on the blog, but I keep having a ‘little look’ at the internet too…..

Have just spent a fun evening re-installing Windows after the PC died – how are you?

12 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Thankfully I’d seen it coming for a while & copied stuff across to the old one. It took ages to reformat & re-install but it does run much better now.

  2. Cram a couple more monoliths in the frame, and that’s this afternoon. I’m alternating between reading up on blogs and watching the clock in avoidance.

  3. That is so true. As someone who works on the internet full time, I’m constantly amazed that I manage to get anything done at all.

  4. That’s amazing thought .Ones work can take a shape of monolith but with a help of internet monolith can be converted into sand dunes. May your PC works faster now.

  5. This cartoon is really inspirable. As it inspires one to work harder and harder to convert his or her monolith sized work into sand dunes sized work. It can be easily possible with help of internet during work ……..