Bug Me Some More

There are some awesome webcomics out there, with XKCD being my No.1, but with the dozens I Stumble across, there are few that keep my attention for any length of time.

Recently I was lucky enough to find the Bug strip, by Adam Huber, and it hooked me instantly. I spent the next hour after finding it crawling the archives and it was time well spent. It’s beautifully drawn, and the simple expedient of using the bug characters makes it stand out from the raft of stick-men XKCD clones. It also helps that Adam has a wry sense of humour, and is somehow able to get his bugs to display their emotions so clearly. Real life observations mixed with a touch of the absurd, like the downside to beingĀ  a vampire shown below, keep you coming back for more. So far it’s being published pretty much daily (he must be mad) so pop over & get bugging…..

One Advantage Of Parenthood

YouTube Preview Image

Is that you get to watch some occasionally good films in amongst the dross like Alvin & the bloody Chipmunks [shudder]. I still have ‘Nam-like flashbacks over that abomination. Anyway, How to train your dragon: Top film, if you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer above then go see. Very good use of 3D as well, none of this poking things out of the screen rubbish, just an immersive landscape. Still have to wear cruddy glasses though.

Just don’t forget to steal your kids popcorn……

An Inconvenient Truth

Wait for all the screaming Apple fanboys to protest. I’m no Microsoft apologist, but if they came up with a product this expensive, yet so functionally inadequate, you’d never hear then end of it from the muesli-knitting, goatee-wearing Mac brigade.

In all the (mostly critical) articles I’ve read about this high tec brick, the most common defence from the Apple-opolgistsĀ  is; “Yeah, but you wait for the next version, it will have all those features and more! And be extra shiny!”.

Right, so why buy this one, and are you now finally admitting that Apple have been siphoning cash out of your wallet for years with upgrades that could have gone in the original product?

(Are you impressed that I made it this far without referencing its name to female sanitary wear? Whoops……)